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Castles and Warfare in the Middle Ages, by Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc.
A detailed architectural study on the evolution of Medieval military fortifications, as well as siege weaponry.

England in the Later Middle Ages, by Maurice H. Keen.
A general survey textbook on English history from 1290 - 1485.

France 1814 - 1940, By J. P. T. Bury.
An introductory, one-volume text covering French history from the first restoration of the Bourbon monarchy through the fall of the Third Republic.

A History of the Jews in the Modern World, By Howard M. Sachar.
A general, comprehensive reference guide on Jewish history from the late 1700's through 2004.

The Nazi Germany Sourcebook: an Anthology of Texts, by Roderick Stackelberg and Sally A. Winkle
This anthology contains 148 primary texts that offer readers a general overview of the origins and consequences of Nazism.

The Witchcraft Sourcebook, edited by Brian P. Levack.
A collection of documents that detail the history of witchcraft in the West, and the reasons for, and consequences of, the charges leveled against so many individuals.

World War I, by S. L. A. Marshall.
Marshall provides a solid historical overview of the causes, prosecution, and consequences of World War I. Written in an energetic and authoritative style, this book is eminently readable.

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