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Celtic Mythology, by John Arnott MacCulloch.
A detailed foray into the world of pagan and Christian Celtic myths and heroic cycles from both Ireland and Wales.

Egyptian Mythology, by W. Max Müller.
A comprehensive and mesmerizing overview of Egyptian mythology ranging from origin myths to cultic practices.

The Greek Myths, By Robert Graves.
This is a massive book, and it is the standard reference book on Greek Mythology. It delves into the various creation myths, and births and lives of the various Greek gods, the role of the elemental forces in Greek mythology such as Chaos and Eros, as well as exploring the roles and stories of the Titans, the lesser gods, and other supernatural figures, such as witches.

Hindu Myths, by A. L. Dallapiccola.
Offers a concise overview on Hindu mythology and how it has evolve over time.

Myths & Legends of the First World War, by James Hayward.
A chronological overview of the stories that grew out of the battlefields of World War I.

Pathways to Bliss, by Joseph Campbell.
In this collection of lectures delivered between 1962 and 1983, Campbell examines how myth can aid a person's journey toward fulfillment or bliss, and the psychological side of myth.

World of Myths, introduced by Marina Warner.
Five books in one covering influencial myths from five ancient cultures. Includes: Greek Myths by Lucilla Burn, Roman Myths by Jane F. Gardner, Norse Myths by R. I. Page, Egyptian Myths by George Hart, and Celtic Myths by Miranda Green.

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