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Recommended Books on Play & Scriptwriting

Playwriting: A Practical Guide
by Noel Greig: Paperback - Jan 11, 2005

Screenwriting: Insider Tips and Techniques to Write for the Silver Screen!
by Madeline Dimaggio: Paperback - Paperback - Feb 2007

Alternative Scriptwriting, Fourth Edition: Successfully Breaking the Rules
by Ken Dancyger and Jeff Rush: Paperback - Sep 12, 2006

The Art & Craft of Playwriting
by Jeffrey Hatcher: Paperback - Mar 2000

The Elements of Playwriting
by Louis E. Catron: Paperback - Dec 6, 2001

The Complete Book of Scriptwriting
by J. Michael Straczynski: Paperback - Jul 2002

Naked Playwriting: The Art, The Craft, And The Life Laid Bare
by William Missouri Downs and Robin U. Russin: Paperback - Jan 28, 2005

The Playwright's Guidebook: An Insightful Primer on the Art of Dramatic Writing
by Stuart Spencer: Paperback - Mar 29, 2002

Playwriting: The Structure of Action
by Sam Smiley and Norman Bert: Paperback - Oct 24, 2005

I Ain't Sorry for Nothin' I Done: August Wilson's Process of Playwriting
by Joan Herrington: Paperback - Jul 1, 2004

by Paul Wells: Paperback - Oct 30, 2007

The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters: Insider's Secrets from Hollywood's Top Writers
by Karl Iglesias: Paperback - Oct 2001

You Can Write a Play!
by Milton E. Polsky: Paperback - Feb 1, 2002

Playwrights on Playwriting: From Ibsen to Ionesco
by Toby Cole: Paperback - Jun 25, 2001

The Writer's Guide to Writing Your Screenplay
by Cynthia Whitcomb: Paperback - Mar 1, 2002

Writers on Comics Scriptwriting, Vol. 1
by Mark Salisbury: Paperback - Dec 1, 2002

Writers on Comics Scriptwriting, Vol. 2
by Andrew Kardon and Tom Root: Paperback - Aug 1, 2004

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