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Scholastic Journalism, 12e

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Scholastic Journalism, 12e

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Scholastic Journalism, 12th edition
By C. Dow Tate and Sherri A. Taylor
Wiley-Blackwell, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-470-65934-2

Reviewed by Simone Bonim - September 24, 2013

For more than half of a century, Scholastic Journalism has been one of the most highly praised and used textbooks in High School journalism classes. The twelfth, and newest edition, upholds the high standard of excellence found in the previous editions. It offers a text that has been fully updated to include sections on new media, ranging from blogging and writing for social media to working on cross-platform multimedia projects and in using the new technologies that are now in the offing - both as research tools and as writing outlets.

Scholastic Journalism is well suited for use in both high school and lower-level college courses devoted to both multimedia and print journalism. The text is full of ideas that will encourage students to expand their journalism skills, and it will help them to explore journalism as a possible career path. This new edition was written by C. Dow Tate and Sherri A. Taylor. They are both seasoned professionals with years of classroom and journalism experience. This comprehensive textbook is a must both in and out of the classroom, and it will serve both students and educators alike. The text is organized into nineteen information packed sections covering a range of topics including interviewing and reporting, news writing, writing feature stories, sportswriting, opinion writing, coaching writers and editing copy, newspaper layout and design, yearbook design, online journalism, student press law, ethics for a student journalist, careers in the media, and many more.

Although jammed packed with information, the material in this textbook is easy to understand and is presented in a lively and engaging manner that will encourage students to not only learn new journalism skills, but to also put these skills into practice. Each section is filled with colorful illustrations, examples highlighting the information presented, lists of key words, exercises, summaries, checklists, short notes, tips, mini-exercises, and an assortment of factoids that help students to absorb and gauge their understanding of the information presented.

In addition to being a wonderful resource and learning guide for students, this book also offers teachers, yearbook editors, and anyone working with budding journalists, a great deal of flexibility in designing a course or organizing lessons. In addition, the text provides ample flexibility to enable educators to choose specific elements from the text to meet the needs or desires of the students in their class.

If you can only use one journalism textbook in your class, this is the once to choose. Scholastic Journalism, 12e is comprehensive, well-organized, and up-to-date and it is sure to meet the needs of any journalism classes, from those dealing with traditional news reporting and feature writing to online journalism and graphic design of newspapers, yearbooks, or multimedia projects. In addition to the text, as you would expect nowadays, online resources that accompany this text are also available at As well, this book is available in an ebook format.

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