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The Bibliophile's Dictionary, by Miles Westley.
2,054 defined words organized into fifteen main categories ranging from Personality Traits and Family and Friends to Architecture and Drama.

Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science, by Michel Millodot.
This dictionary contains over 4,200 entries, covering the most common terms associated with optometry and visual science.

The Language of the Blues from Alcorub to Zuzu, by Debra DeSalvo.
Definitions of terms unique to the Blues, combined with biographical information on various Blues artists, as well as historical background on the development of Blues music.

The Language of Publishing: An A-to-Z Glossary of Book Publishing Terms, by Linda Carlson.
With more than 100 entries, this book presents an alphabetic list of common terms, words, and abbreviations associated with the publishing industry. Each entry is accompanied by a detailed definition, and it is an essential tool for writers interested in entering the world of self-publishing.

The New Velázquez Spanish and English Dictionary, by Mariano Velazquez de la Cadena, et al.
This multi-featured dictionary is the premier bilingual Spanish and English dictionary and it features more than 250,000 self-pronouncing entries.

The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary, from Merriam-Webster.
This Large Print edition of the famed dictionary is an indispensable reference book for any Scrabble player.

Random House Webster's Crossword Puzzle Dictionary, Edited By Nancy Schuster.
This new edition features over 70,000 clue and answer words, including new words, brand names, and terms associated with popular culture.

Talk the Talk, by Luc Reid.
The Slang of 65 American Subcultures. A general reference guide on the slang associated with specific subcultures. Includes more than 3,500 slang terms.

Vocabulario Vaquero / Cowboy Talk, by Robert N. Smead.
A Dictionary of Spanish Terms from the American West.

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