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A Writer's Paris

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A Writer's Paris

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A Writer's Paris
A Guided Journey for the Creative Soul
By Eric Maisel
Illustrations by Danny Gregory and Claudine Hellmuth
Writer's Digest Books, 2005
ISBN: 1-58297-359-8

Reviewed by Simone Bonim - Posted November 10, 2012

Paris has long been a magnet for artisans of every ilk. Paris is a city rich in history, art, and a certain ambience that can be found in no other place. Perhaps it is the fact that the streets of Paris where once painted by the French with the blood of their own people, or simply that the citizens of Paris have long tolerated itinerant artists and even encouraged the arts in all of their varied forms.

In A Writer's Paris - A Guided Journey for the Creative Soul, Eric Maisel provides an intimate portrait of one writer's journey through modern Paris, and it is enhanced by the inclusion of illustrations by Danny Gregory and Claudine Hellmuth. Intertwined with his travelogue of his travels through Paris, Maisel also provides inspirational advice and insights that will help other writer's to release their creativity, allowing them to write more freely and with more enthusiasm.

A Writer's Paris is a fun and edifying book to read that explains that while you can write anywhere, writing in Paris offers writers an unprecedented educational opportunity. A Writer's Paris is not meant to serve as a full-fledged guide book to Paris. Rather, it highlights some of the spots that Maisel found to be exceptionally inspirational, as well as offering advice on places to see, places to write in, must see venues, and tips on planning your trip to Paris. This book also offers insights into the French psyche and the artistic inspiration that fills the very air of Paris. This book will not only encourage you to write, but will also encourage you to make a visit to Paris. Be your visit short or long, you will find that Paris offers writers a unique educational opportunity and a wealth of inspiration that will serve you well throughout your entire writing career.

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