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You've Got a Book in You

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You've Got a Book in You

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You've Got a Book in You
A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams
By Elizabeth Sims
Writer's Digest Books, 2013
ISBN: 978-1599635545

Also available in a Kindle Edition.

Reviewed by Boris Segel - April 29, 2013

Do you have a book in you? Do you want to get it out? If so, You've Got a Book in You, a new book by Elizabeth Sims might be just what the doctor ordered for your forthcoming book extraction. Written with style and wit, this book is geared primarily toward novice writers who need a little extra push toward achieving their goal of writing a book. That said, this book will also benefit more seasoned writers who write (whatever it is they write), but who have yet to complete their first book.

Do you want to write a novel? A memoir? A work of narrative nonfiction? Or another type of book? No matter what type of book you are interested in writing, Sims has a plethora of tips and helpful advice that will aid you in achieving your goal. If you have no idea what type of book you want to write, turn to chapter five, and she'll even help you decide what type of book is in you.

From keeping up your momentum to simply finding time to write, Sims offers a ton of helpful advice that will encourage you to start writing that book. More important, she offers sage advice that will help you keep writing even when things get hard, no matter if it is due to writers' block, family difficulties, or simply a negative thought or two. Throughout it all, Sims shows you that writing can be, and is fun - if you approach your project with the right attitude and the right kind of support - support that you will find in this book in droves.

In its totality, You've Got a Book in You is essentially equivalent to a first year, 101, course in writing a novel or nonfiction book. Sims guides you, step-by-step, through the entire writing process from developing the theme of your book, and through to writing "The End" at the end of your manuscript. This is not a book on the mechanics of writing, although you will find some helpful information in this book on the nuts-and-bolts of writing. Rather, this is a book designed to guide you through the process of nurturing your creativity and sitting down and actually writing the first draft of your book. Along the way, Sims also helps you to pinpoint what technical skills you might need to develop or hone before tackling the revision of your book.

While revising your book can, and most likely will be, a major undertaking, you'll find that once you have that first, first draft completed that you will have gained the confidence and knowledge that you need to do any necessary revisions, to submit your work for publication, and to start working on your next book! The confidence that you will gain from writing that first draft, even if you end up just tossing it in a drawer, will stay with you for the rest of your life. You will have done something that most people only dream of. You will have written a book. It might not be a very good one, or it might turn out to be an instant classic, either way you will have done it, and that feeling is undescribable. To feel it, you'll have to do it for yourself, and you will not be disappointed! If you ever thought that writing was hard, read this book and discover that yes, as Sims declares in this book, writing is FUN!! And, I'll add, it is also addictive. Once you get that first book under your belt, it will not be long before you start thinking about your next book, and the one after that...

Get a copy of You've Got a Book in You, and learn the satisfaction that comes from writing that book you always knew was inside of you!

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