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English Grammar for Dummies

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English Grammar for Dummies

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English Grammar for Dummies, 2nd Edition
By Geraldine Woods
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2010
ISBN: 978-0-470-54664-2

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - January 3, 2013

For writers of both fiction and nonfiction, having a firm grasp of the fundamentals of grammar is a required skill. It is only after you have obtained a firm understanding of grammar that you will become qualified to take liberties on how you use or misuse this knowledge. Although there are many similarities to be found across the linguistic landscape, each language has its own idiosyncracies. Consequently, for those who primarily write in English, either as a first or second language, it is vital to study the specifics of English grammar.

Lets face it - studying grammar - in any language - can be downright boring! Yet there are a few English grammar texts that manage to take the edge off of the boring elements of the study of grammar, while still providing a solid education on the subject. One such book is English Grammar for Dummies, 2e, by Geraldine Woods. While the Dummies part of the title may be a bit off-putting, don't let it stop you from picking up this gem of a textbook. Without going overboard with technical jargon, Woods provides instruction into all facets of basic English grammar, and she does it in a way that won't make you need to use toothpicks to hold your eyes open. While this book will not make you a grammar expert, it will provide you with a firm grammatical foundation that will serve you both in and out of school. For writers of every ilk, from those writing office memos to novelist, the skills that you will learn in this book will prove invaluable. It covers all the basics such as verbs, nouns, pronouns, sentence structure, how to use quotation marks correctly, the grammar rules that apply to new media and tips on proofreading your work.

In addition to providing a clear and easy to understand overview of the fundamentals of English Grammar, English Grammar for Dummies, 2e also offers a plethora of tips on how to avoid both common and some uncommon grammar errors. Woods also offers handy tips that will make your grammar usage nearly foolproof (if you study hard and practice your grammar skills) and which will improve not only your writing skills, but also your verbal skills and test taking prowess.

Throughout this book, Woods provides examples that help to illustrate grammatical errors, and the steps you can take to correct them. You'll also find a number of handy tables that highlight such tricky subjects such as one that lists the singular and plural forms of possessive pronouns. Pop quizzes also abound. These quizzes will help you to determine if you understand the material under study.

The only things that this book is lacking are practice exercises, but never fear. If you want to practice your newly found, or recently refreshed grammar skills, you'll want to get your hands on a copy of English Grammar Workbook for Dummies, also by Geraldine Woods. This workbook provides hundreds of problems and exercises upon which to hone your English grammar skills. Most important, the workbook includes answers to all the exercises!

English Grammar for Dummies, 2e is ideal for homeschoolers, high school, and college students looking to supplement their classroom work. It is prefect for independent learners looking to learn English grammar for the first time or who are simply looking for a solid refresher course. This text is also ideal for anyone simply looking to improve their writing and verbal skills, or who are looking for that little extra edge that will hep them to score higher on many standardized test. I highly recommend this text to anyone interested in improving their English grammar skills and knowledge.

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