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Horse Bits & Pieces

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Horse Bits & Pieces

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Horse Bits & Pieces
Sublime Equine Trivia
By Sarah Widdicombe
David and Charles, 2006
An F & W Publications Company
ISBN: 0-7153-2420-9

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - Posted August 4, 2012

Recently I was writing a story in which I needed one of my characters to mount a horse from the right side - something that just isn't done. This got me wondering, "Why is it that you only mount a horse from the left side, and is the answer something I can use in my story?" Thanks to Sarah Widdicombe and her book, Horse Bits & Pieces: Sublime Equine Trivia, I now know the answer to my question, and a dozen more I never even thought of.

Horse Bits & Pieces is a concise and invaluable book full of equine related trivia. She covers everything from what Hunting Pink is, to a comparison of Human to Horse anatomy, and just about everything in between with horse related topics dealing with history, mythology, hunting, sports, famous horses and riders, anatomy and physiology, grooming and care, riding, horse terminology, and much more. Within the pages of this unique trivia book, Widdicombe provides the reader with a memorable overview of horses and horse related information. From the rules of goat polo to how to estimate the weight of horse, this book gives the reader, and more importantly writers, access to a wealth of information about horses that can easily be incorporated into a writer's work. Best of all, this is simply a fun and informative book to read.

The only thing that keeps Horse Bits & Pieces from being classified as a reference book is that the information is presented haphazardly. Consequently, you really need to read through the entire book in order to get an idea as to the wealth of information that this deceptively little book contains. Once you have an idea as to the types of topics covered in the book, you can then hunt for specific tidbits of information by using the book's index. This is a minor inconvenience with a large plus side. This is that by reading through the entire book, you are sure to find some unexpected tidbit of information that you will be able to use in your writing, in addition to the information that you were initially seeking.

Horse Bits & Pieces is adorned with charming black and white drawings, and the trivia and practical horse lore contained in this book will fascinate equine enthusiasts, writers, and trivia buffs alike.

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