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The Language of Publishing

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The Language of Publishing

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The Language of Publishing
An A-to-Z Glossary of Book Publishing Terms
By Linda Carlson
Independent Book Publishers Association, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-9386-4601-0

Reviewed by Harry S. Chou - May 13, 2016

With the advent of the self-publishing gold rush, it is imperative that writers are conversant with not only the business side of writing, but also with that of the publishing industry. A key step in becoming versed in the publishing side of things is to learn the vernacular that is unique to that field. Once you become familiar with the necessary terms you will not only feel like an insider, but you will also be able to converse like one! Most important, you will be better prepared to be your own publisher.

Independent Book Publishers Association has published a book that is a must-have for anyone interested in becoming a self-published author. This book, The Language of Publishing: An A-to-Z Glossary of Book Publishing Terms by Linda Carlson, will not only prove a boon to those just dipping their toe into the self-publishing pool, but it will also aid those who have already dived in, but who might still be swimming in unfamiliar waters.

As the title suggests, this book is a collection of terms, words, and abbreviations, accompanied by explanations of what they mean. In all there are more than 100 entries that are organized alphabetically. The book begins with the term, Acid Free and concludes with an entry on Zip File. In-between they cover terms and abbreviations as diverse as Velobind, True Pod (Print on Demand), PPI and First Serial Rights. These terms cover items such as terms of sale and copyright, the various parts of a book, manufacturing and sales terms, terms related to images, and much more.

The Language of Publishing: An A-to-Z Glossary of Book Publishing Terms might not be the most exciting book you've ever read, but it can be a very helpful book if you are an indie publisher or self-published author. Overall I found the range of terms addressed in this book to be broad and representative of the words, terms and abbreviations that you will encounter in the publishing world. It will also aid authors taking a more traditional publishing route to better understand the publishing side of the business and it will help explain many of the terms that they will encounter over their writing career such as royalties, rights, review copies, SASE, kill fee, front matter, and many more. Granted, you can find definitions for all these words and terms in many writing books, or online, but it is very handy to have them all in one place so that you can easily and quickly refer when the need arises.

The Language of Publishing: An A-to-Z Glossary of Book Publishing Terms will make an excellent addition to the book shelf of most writers, especially those interested in, or already engaged in, self publishing. Best of all, the eBook edition of this text is full of hyperlinks that allow you to easily jump around the book as needed, and within the various entries there are hyperlinks to related terms.

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