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Inner Drives

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Inner Drives

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Inner Drives
How to Write & Create Characters Using the Eight Classic Centers of Motivation
By Pamela Jaye Smith
Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions, 2005
ISBN: 1-932907-03-3

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - Posted September 13, 2012

In Inner Drives - How to Write & Create Characters Using the Eight Classic Centers of Motivation, Pamela Jaye Smith has crafted a book that will help you to better understand the forces that can influence an individual's, or fictional character's, development and reactions in response to common situations. The forces that drive, or motivate, an individual, whether it is the drive to obtain food and shelter, or the drive to succeed in business can be quantified and organized into subcategories such as physical, psychological, or philosophical. In this important volume, Smith takes an in-depth look at the eight centers of motivation, or chakras, and illustrates how writers can use these 'centers' to create dynamic and realistic characters that will enliven any story.

Building upon the fundamental mythic archetypes, Smith examines how storytellers throughout time, and throughout the world, have effectively employed these timeless 'centers of motivation' to create memorable characters and strong plot lines. Not only does Inner Drives provide a through overview of the theory behind universality of these centers of motivation, but in this book Smith also provides practical advice that will enable writers to use these concepts when crafting their own stories.

Throughout Inner Drives, Smith has included 'real life' examples of these principles at work. Drawing upon well-known literary characters, as well as those in films and television, Smith examines how various writers intuitively used the eight centers of motivation outlined in this book. She also illustrates how various characters serve as archetypal examples of various forms of motivation, and she clearly explain how these archetypal characters were instrumental in propelling the script or story in which they appeared, to its fated ending.

Although written for screen writers, writers from every sphere will find Inner Drives to be an invaluable guide to creating dynamic and believable characters. This is an essential tool that should be in every writer's toolbox. Not only does this text explain how the eight centers of motivation serve to influence a character, but this information will also give you insight in what motivates and drives people, enabling you to write character driven stories that will resonate with your audience. As a side effect, you'll find that once you better understand the forces that motivate your characters, you'll find that plotting will be easier and your story will flow more naturally.

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