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Story Fix

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Story Fix
Transform Your Novel From Broken to Brilliant
By Larry Brooks
Writer's Digest Books, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-59963-911-6

Reviewed by Richard S. Rodgers - August 26, 2016

So you've written your first, or maybe second or third draft of your novel but you feel that there is still something not quite right about the story. How do you figure out what the problem is, and more important, how do you fix it? To the rescue comes Larry Brooks in the form of his new book Story Fix. In this pragmatic book, Brooks teaches you how to evaluate your book to ensure that it meets all the key elements needed for a successful novel. He also provides tips on how to improve the pacing, tone, and the overall structure of your novel. In short, this book serves as a solid and eminently practical guide on revision.

Story Fix is not a book for someone just starting to write their first novel. Rather, it is geared toward those you have already completed, at minimum, a first draft and who are ready to proceed to the difficult step of revising. This book will help you to revise your draft and help you get into a mind-set that will allow you to rip your darling to shreds, if necessary, and to keep rewriting it until it is so polished you can see your reflection in it. Or at least that is the idea. How much work you will put into revising your draft will depend upon your commitment to your work and your long term goals as a writer.

This book, as I stated above, is not geared toward those just starting to write their first novel. Nonetheless, new writers will also benefit from reading this book before they start writing or while they are working on their outline or thinking about their story. The insights in this book will help you with structuring you book, and Brooks provides some insider tips about the publishing industry and what makes or breaks a commercial novel. This information will benefit all writers, no matter what stage they are in their career.

In addition to reading Story Fix, also take a look at Brooks's two earlier books, Story Engineering and Story Physics. The information contained in these three books will provide you will a solid foundation, and a first class education upon which to build your writing career, and to continue to improve your skills, guiding you on the path of becoming a professional, published author! Also check out Brooks's blog on his website, You can also sign up for his email list to receive his blog entries directly to your inbox. These blog entries provide a great deal of information about all aspects of fiction writing, while also expanding upon the information contained in his book Story Fix.

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