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Grammar & Style At Your Fingertips

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Grammar & Style

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Grammar & Style
At Your Fingertips

By Lara M. Robbins
Alpha: A Member of the Penguin Group (USA) Inc., (2007)
ISBN: 978-1-59257-657-9

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - Posted August 27, 2012

A thorough knowledge of grammar is an essential skill for any writer. Even fiction writers who may not always want to write grammatically, for artistic effect, must first know the rules before they break them! An indispensable book that you should always have at your side is Grammar & Style At Your Fingertips by Lara M. Robbins.

This handy guide covers everything from the basics of grammar such as what is a noun or adjective, to more complex subjects such as dangling modifiers and split infinitives. Robbins also covers such topics as punctuation, spelling, and proofreading in this essential text. Robbins is a senior managing editor for Berkley, and as such she has overseen the copyediting and proofreading of hundreds of books. As you can imagine, she is well versed in correct grammar usage and matters of style, and she brings her years of experience to this book.

Grammar & Style At Your Fingertips is organized thematically, with chapters covering:
  1. Nouns and Pronouns
  2. Verbs
  3. Modifiers
  4. Prepositions and Conjunctions
  5. Sentence Structure
  6. Punctuation
  7. Plurals and Possessives
  8. Capitalization
  9. Special Type Treatment (such as italics, boldface and Serif versus Sans Serif)
  10. Spelling and Abbreviations
  11. Numbers, Signs, and Symbols
  12. Trademarks, Copyrights, Permissions, and Fair Use
  13. Citation
  14. Documentation and Reference
This book was designed to be used as a reference book, rather than as a textbook on English grammar. Nonetheless, it serves as an excellent introductory text to English grammar, and is well suited for use as a review guide for anyone who needs to brush up on their grammar skills.

Within the scope of this book, Robbins not only outlines all the 'rules' of correct grammar and usage in a concise and easy to understand manner, but she also provides a plethora of examples that will help ensure that you understand the material in the book. Best of all, it is designed so that if you have a question about a given aspect of grammar or style you can easily flip through the book to find the information you need. The book also includes thumbtabs and other helpful navigation aids. In addition, throughout the book you'll find 'see also' directives, pointing you toward additional information on the subject under discussion.

Grammar & Style At Your Fingertips is an easy to use, and easy to understand guide to English grammar and style. I highly recommend this book to writers of every ilk, from high school and university students, to novice and professional writers in every field!

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