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The Scoop on Good Grammar

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The Scoop on Good Grammar

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The Scoop on Good Grammar
By Margie Blumberg
MB Publishing, LLC (2015)
ISBN: 978-0-9913-6465-7

Reviewed by Richard S. Rodgers - January 14, 2016

Can grammar be fun? Well, 'fun' might be too strong a word - but it can be made less painless, and this is exactly what Margie Blumberg has done in The Scoop on Good Grammar. The book is filled with numerous illustrations, lots of puns, and many, many examples of proper grammar usage taken from common cultural sources such as films, sports, and the arts. Most important, this book is filled with good, clear grammar instructions that are enhanced by the addition of lots of examples and quizzes (answers included).

Apparently, the The Scoop on Good Grammar started life as an eBook, but has since been revised, and reissued as a print book. Having seen an eBook version of this book, I think that it works much betters as a printed reference. Just keep it in a handy location so that you can refer to it whenever you come across a sticky grammar question. Finding what you need has been made even easier by the inclusion of a comprehensive index that directs you straight to the topic you are looking for.

The Scoop on Good Grammar uses American English, and it is ideal for anyone starting with middle grade readers on up. It will also be of use to more advanced ESL learners and for adults seeking a quick and lively refresher on the fundamentals of English grammar.

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