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A~Z Writers' Character Quirks

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A~Z Writers' Character Quirks

A~Z Writers' Character Quirks
A~ Z of Behaviours, Foibles, Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks for Writers' to Create Fictional Characters
By Paula Wynne
Prado Press, London: 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9934921-4-3

Reviewed by Karl Dixon - March 15, 2016

It does not matter if you are writing a character-based story or a plot-based story - if you don't people your story with three-dimensional, believable characters, readers will not read your book. How do you craft a three-dimensional character? For starters you have to give them a personality, perhaps some unique mannerisms or an odd quirk or behavior. In A~Z Writers' Character Quirks, Paula Wynne explains the differences between a habit and a quirk - and that is just for starters...

A~Z Writers' Character Quirks is a new addition to her Writer's Resource Series, and this practical volume describes how to craft memorable characters that your readers will grow to love, or hate, depending upon their role in your story. By following her advice your characters will have a personality coupled with some unique characteristics that will truly bring them to life. More than just an overview of how to develop and create characters, this book also provides you with an A-Z guide of various 'behaviours, foibles, habits, mannerisms, and quirks' that you can use to help create the best characters for the specific needs of your story. For example, did you know that someone who hears the same song or tune going round and round in their head is suffering from earworms? It is a disease I suffer from on an almost daily basis, but I never knew what it was called before! And the second I came across this listing, I knew that one of my characters was going to 'catch' it before my next writing session ended!

For most of the listings in this book, Wynne starts out with a main topic, such as 'Legs' and then goes on to list several attributes related to that specific topic. Some of these lists are long, others short, but all will give you fresh insights into the wide variety of attributes you can incorporate into your character's profile. These lists will help to jump-start your own thoughts on the subject and you will find that with just a little thought you can add to each list, and most likely start multiple new lists of your own. In this regard, Wynne provides tips on how to observe people so that you can add new attributes to your character lists, and how by observing people in the 'field', you can better learn how your characters should act in your stories so that they appear 'real' to your readers.

A~Z Writers' Character Quirks is an excellent book to add to your bookshelf if you are a newbie writer, or if you are a more seasoned writer looking for new ideas on crafting three-dimensional charters.

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