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The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need

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The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need

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The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need
A One-Stop Source for Every Writing Assignment
By Susan Thurman
Adams Media, 2003
ISBN: 978-1-5806-2855-6

Reviewed by Angela Evans - May 18, 2015

Susan Thurman's, The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Source for Every Writing Assignment is a handy reference book that outlines the fundamental rules - and exceptions - associated with English grammar. Thurman does not go into great detail. Rather, she offers concise explanations of each term, rule, or topic, and then provides examples of their correct usage. Thurman has taught English grammar at the college level, as well as in junior and senior high schools. Throughout, her explanations are clear and easy to understand, and the examples provided help to clarify the rules under discussion.

Although an excellent reference book, this is most likely not the only grammar book you'll ever need. While it does cover the main points and situations that you are likely to encounter, it does not go into any great detail. This lack of detail may make the book difficult to use if you are new to the study of English or have had only a limited exposure to English grammar. In these cases, you may need to consult a more traditional grammar textbook to bring yourself up to speed. However, once you have a familiarity with the basics, you'll find this an excellent resource when you need a quick refresher on a specific rule or topic.

Although small in size (it measures only 5.2 x 7.1 x 0.5), it is chocked full of information, covering just about everything from common spelling mistakes and basic sentence structure, to information on writing such as forming better sentences. Information on various writing formats, such as essays, summaries, and research papers, is also provided. This book also includes a handy list of 1001 commonly misspelled words. While the book is a bit too big to fit into a shirt pocket, it is small enough to slip into a purse, briefcase, or even in the bag with your laptop. As such, it is an easy book to carry with you to school, to work, or anywhere where you might need to check on one of those thorny grammar questions that tend to pop up when you are doing any sort of writing.

Grammar is one of those topics where practice makes perfect - and you can never get too much practice. Unfortunately, The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need does not include any extra exercises with which to practice your skills. Never fear, Thurman is also the author of The Only Grammar & Style Workbook You'll Ever Need. This workbook, which I've reviewed separately, is a companion volume to The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need. The workbook gives you plenty of opportunities to practice the skills you've learned in the grammar book, and to test your understanding of the information.

The combination of the grammar book and the workbook serves as an ideal refresher course for those needing to hone their grammar skills. It also serves as a handy reference book for those who want to improve their usage of English grammar, especially in regard to its written form, or who may need to occasionally check up on a given grammar rule or topic.

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