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2015 Writer's Market, Deluxe Edition

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2015 Writer's Market, Deluxe Edition

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2015 Writer's Market, Deluxe Edition
The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published
Edited by Robert Lee Brewer
Writer's Digest Books, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-5996-3845-4

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - January 8, 2015

For decades, the Writer's Market has been the Market Bible for writers' searching for market listing and submission guidelines. Edited by Robert lee Brewer, the 2015 Writer's Market, Deluxe Edition contains all the essential information, and listings, contained in the standard version of the book. It also includes a link to a webinar called "How to Find More Success Freelancing." Most important, the deluxe edition of the Writer's Market also includes a one-year subscription to, the online companion to the Writer's Market.

The 2015 Deluxe Edition of the Writer's Market includes thousands of listings - all of which are potential markets for your work. These listings cover not only fiction, literary, trade, and consumer magazines, but also listings for book publishers, literary agents, and writing contests. Each entry includes contact information and submission guidelines. Many of the listings also include information on the payment offered, number of manuscripts that are purchased each year, and tips that will increase your chances of having your work purchased by the specific publication. A number of articles, geared toward beginning and freelance writers, are included, such as How Much Should I Charge, Earn a Full-Time Income from Blogging, Contracts 101, and Balance Your Writing and Your Platform.

Alone, the 2015 Writer's Market is a valuable tool in any writer's toolbox. However, when combined with the subscription to, it becomes a must have power-tool. While all the listings in the print version of the Writer's Market are verified and updated before publication, the information can go out-of-date rather quickly. On the you will find not only all the market listings found in the print version of the Writer's Market, but also about additional listings for markets such as greeting cards, online publications, and newspapers. Best of all, these 7,500 plus listings are continually updated. In addition, the subscription to includes access to an online Submission Tracking program. It offers the ability to easily search for markets, and to keep track of those markets that you want to keep an eye on. also contains a wealth of articles on writing and the business of writing, as well as interviews and Q&A sessions with editors and publishers.

If you are already familiar with the Writer's Market, you know just how valuable and worthwhile this book is. However, if you are a beginning writer, or new to the Writer's Market, let me just say that there is nothing like relaxing in an easy chair reading through the book, highlighter in hand, highlighting all the potential markets for your current or future projects. As you read or scan through the book, you are bound to discover not only just the 'right' market for your current project, but also hundreds of new markets in which to submit your work. Best of all, most of the listings include information on how much of their material is written by freelancers, how best to submit material, and how long it usually takes them to reply to a query or submission. This information will help you determine not only where to submit your material, but it will also help prevent you from wasting your time, and money, submitting to markets that are unsuitable for your material.

If you are serious about writing and getting your work published, the 2015 Writer's Market: Deluxe Edition is a must have reference book. Granted, the Writer's Market does not list every market 'out there' and the listings are skewed primarily toward American and English language publications. However it is the most comprehensive resource for market listings that I've ever come across, and it is one of the most accurate. In addition, the component of the deluxe edition not only provides you with access to current information on the markets you are interested in, but also provides access to thousands of unique markets not found in the print edition, as well as a wealth of articles and other information that will help you to advance your writing career.

If you are serious about getting published, get the 2015 Writer's Market: Deluxe Edition and start submitting your work to publishers!

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